• Do you feel a sense of disconnect in your life accompanied by frustration, emptiness and lack of inspiration or direction?

  • Does it feel like you are at a crossroads in your life, and your next step feels challenging and unclear?

  • Are you struggling with how to let go of the way you approach your life, especially when the going gets tough?

  • Do you find yourself cycling through the same pattern(s), not knowing how to release yourself from the karmic loop?

  • Are you ready to express the inherent nature of your soul?

  • Would you like to live in harmonious service to the well-being of all?

  • Do you long to come home to yourself and awaken to the wonder of your soul?

You came into this life to discover the depths of who you truly are. Within you are all of the answers about you. These answers are often obscured by thoughts, fears, ego based goals, and societal conditioning, all of which distort your view of reality, and limit you from perceiving the truth about yourself.

You have to dive beneath the surface of your life to truly understand what the events, situations and conditions are actually revealing to you. When you connect with your soul you gain a heightened perspective, one which allows you to view your life more authentically, and beyond the distortions. This is the sweet spot!! 

Whether it’s a yearning to improve relationships, realize and express your absolute potential, learn how to live in harmony with your life, or confront and dissolve your karma, I am here to support you in shedding beliefs rooted in stories and illusory thinking, and guide you forward as your new reality starts to take shape. 


What I Offer You

As a professional life and soul coach, spiritual mentor and highly attuned empathic healer, I specialize in the awakening of consciousness through heart-centered intuition.

Ongoing practice in partnership with Benevolent Guidance allows me to filter information through a “clear” lens, free of overlay from my life experiences and collective conditioning.

I facilitate transformation by asking you intuitive questions in order to empower you to tap into the wisdom contained within yourself.


How Do We Connect?

Sessions are conducted with beautiful souls via Skype or telephone.


What Can I Expect During My Session? 

Our session will be an in-depth conversation that coaches you towards your inner wisdom.

Each session begins with a short guided meditation to connect you with your Higher Self. As we begin to talk, you will be guided to explore different areas of your life. While you are expressing your thoughts and recounting life events, I will be looking into the energetic layers of your experience, paying particular attention to areas where there are blockages or repeating patterns.

Following the energy as it flows during our conversation, I gain intuitive insight, ask intuitive questions, and provide feedback, all while holding a safe and sacred space for you to explore.   

Your Akashic Records may reveal a past life event, and the details of this incarnation will be shared and explored. We then examine your current life for personality distortions related to this past life, and how you are defining yourself by the limitations contained within the conditioned beliefs.

Although each session is different, I recommend bringing no more than two areas of your life you wish to focus on to a single session.

Each session will close with the healing and restructuring energies of a Light Language transmission and activation.


Your Investment 

Your Investment ~ $140 per 60-minute session

* My pricing is based upon my personal philosophy of ENOUGH

I feel incredibly blessed to have connected with Sandra. She is a clear and grounded intuitive with goddess like wisdom and nurturing energy that makes me feel completely safe and seen. Sandra’s ability to connect with guidance flows easily and naturally. While working within my Akashic Records we unlocked answers to questions I have had about my life for many years. What a relief to receive clarity on a pattern that was blocking me, and the insight needed to move through and beyond this piece of karma. I always look forward to speaking with Sandra, she is committed to my spiritual awakening and I come away feeling calm, balanced and inspired. Since working with Sandra amazing opportunities have come my way that I have easily stepped into with ease and confidence! I highly recommend working with her. Sandra is a very special and gifted woman with a magical soul.
— Spring Lovelle, Singer-songwriter, Audio Video Freelancer | springlovelle.com
I’ve always been intrigued by intuitive consulting, but I had such a healthy dose of skepticism in me that I never really gave it a chance. Sandra blew any skepticism out of the water. I came to the call with a sense of what was going on with my particular situation, and she not only identified it, she helped to deepen my understanding of what I knew to be true. I left the call with more clarity, but also confidence that the path I’m on is the right one. It is life-altering and life-affirming to have someone help you navigate your path from a place of KNOWING. I’m still blown away by the accuracy with which she described situations that I was still having trouble articulating in my head. If you’re wavering about a decision in your life, you need some clarity around a relationship or career, or you just plain want to be validated for what you are feeling, I highly recommend you work with Sandra. She’s my new go-to gal!
— Rebecca Tracey | theuncagedlife.com



You want to commit to a deeper journey towards aligning with your soul path and creating a life of authentic expression.

You know that living from your soul does not happen overnight. It is an ongoing journey of unfolding and self-inquiry, where constant unraveling of conditioned beliefs and illusionary thinking takes place.

Some examples of areas we can explore in an ongoing coaching/mentoring partnership are:

Confronting and dissolving karma

During an initial session we may identify a significant aspect of your karma to work with. Karma forms in past lives as a result of our thoughts, emotions and actions. When trauma and intense suffering occur, the soul forms an attachment to the experience. It holds the energy generated from the experience in the energetic body. As part of the ascension process, which is your path towards enlightenment, karma must be confronted and dissolved. The soul does this by incarnating into a human life, where similar conditions arise in order to retrieve and reintegrate the aspect of fragmented soul that identified with that event.

It is important to state that your karma cannot be cleared by someone else, or by simply doing acts of intention such as affirmations. There are those who claim to hold the power to clear your karma, but the truth is, only you can confront and dissolve it.

My role is to support you in moving through layers of karma, feel the emotions related to it and soften into these emotions when you are ready. 

Letting go of attachments

Consider this funny scenario: you don’t have to know what the destination is, but your mind wants to know the destination so it can oversee the journey to ensure you get to the destination. Talk about control!

Letting go of the need to know an outcome and any attachments to the outcome are significant and often challenging steps in the evolutionary process.

My role is to help you explore and embody what it is to truly let go and surrender. We will do this through continual reflection of the present moment and facilitating surrendering into what you are authentically feeling.

Surrendering to the governance of the soul.

Embodying the observer - When you are awakened you go from being lost in the character of who you think you are to having an awareness of who you are.

You become the observer, the presence that is watching your thoughts, feelings and interactions.

It can feel challenging as you oscillate between contraction and expansion, trying to remain the observer.

My role is to assist you in recognizing when you are identifying with your experience, and to learn the necessary tools to integrate and become the observer.

Letting go of control - One of the most challenging aspects of embodying soul for me was letting go of my lower ego’s need to control my life and to trust in the flow of my soul.

Society continually tells you to DO things to achieve what you want. This thought process clouds the authentic creator within you, which asks “what do you feel to BE in this moment?”

When you start embodying soul energy you shift into higher consciousness, a state of being where you align with universal flow, co-creating the conditions required for authentic expression, learning and evolving. You then begin to shape situations and circumstances that are a reflection of beingness. You draw to you the very conditions required for your growth and evolution.

My role is to support your transition from mind-led creation to trusting your inner compass and following the pull of your soul. We observe situations that act as mirrors in your life, and learn from what they are reflecting back to you. As you anchor deeper into your soul, synchronicities become more frequent. I will assist you to recognize and interpret these synchronicities.

Each session will close with the healing and restructuring energies of a Light Language transmission and activation.



 Living from the soul is not for the faint of heart.

Transforming into your divine inherent nature takes commitment, willingness and a profound faith that resides within your heart.

You are being invited to remember the very nature of who you truly are. No one can do this work for you. But the world is here to support you. 



4 months of mentoring

Two 60-minute sessions per month 

Your Investment ~ $895

(You save: $225)

* My pricing is based upon my personal philosophy of ENOUGH


One of the benefits of a coaching and mentoring relationship is ongoing email support. In addition to two one-hour sessions per month, this package also includes:

  • Clarity on a topic from your most recent session. You felt the Aha moment during your session, you found a nugget of wisdom, but now you’ve forgotten it. I’m here to help you reclaim the magic moments.
  • Support in being accountable to yourself. Practice and refinement is part of the process. I will support you in following through on the commitments you make to yourself.
  • High-fives and celebration. You will experience breakthroughs. Let’s celebrate them together.
  • Acknowledgement of your shifts and insights. You are creating an inner landscape that supports your spiritual evolution. A vista that provides a strong foundation as you move forward in your life.  Share these with me. Together we will incorporate them into your journey of unfolding.

INTERESTED? Contact me for a complimentary 20-minute conversation. We will explore how spiritual coaching and mentoring can support you, and how it might feel to work together. 

Coaching and mentoring with Sandra has been an incredibly powerful experience. Working with her began the journey towards fully awakening my heart and connecting with my soul. What I’ve learned through our time together has greatly supported me to navigate my soul path from a place of clarity and confidence.
— Vivian Grace Ostan, Learner, Traveler, Adventurer