When I work with Sandra my sense of her connection to spirit is strong, solid and unshakable. I feel trust and comfort in her intuitive abilities and expansive coaching skills. The value for me is that I get customized and loving spiritual guidance and support. Instead of information being handed over to me, Sandra works with benevolence to have me lock in the insight and learning, to really GET what it is I need to walk away with to keep me moving forward and to get ‘unstuck’. As I’m stepping into new and uncertain territory in my life, Sandra allows me to feel witnessed, loved, guided and acknowledged along the way. I come away feeling empowered and supported in a deeply spiritual way as I continue to awaken. Working with her has shifted my perspective on so many things, and opened doors I never knew existed. I’m forever grateful for the powerful work she is bringing to the world.
— Keri-Anne Livingstone, Coach + Speaker | keriannelivingstone.com