The Nature Of Her Karma

Alison’s (not her real name) need to be seen and loved was showing up as a repeating pattern in her search to find her soul partner, and it was causing her a great deal of emotional pain when love was not reciprocated.

The feelings of rejection and unworthiness ran deep. 

When she came to me we accessed her Akashic Records. A past life was revealed where she was introduced to one of her soul counterparts. All souls originate from an oversoul. The oversoul wants to experience and express in different dimensions and environments so it splits its energy. Every split is a counterpart, a new life with a soul unto itself.

She had been a young girl born into an impoverished family during the 17th century . Her mother was not capable of expressing love to her children. Life was difficult and this left her bitter and resentful.

The young girl’s father worked very hard to provide food and shelter for the family. However, at the end of the day he did not have the energy to engage with his children. At night the young girl would twirl and dance before her father as he sat by the fire. On a few occasions she saw a glint in his eye and perhaps a smile. But most of the time his response was stoic. His emotions were contained and his body weary. He had nothing in his heart to give to his daughter.

The young girl wanted to be seen by her father. When she danced for him she felt the innocence in her own heart. She felt the pure love still alive within her being. But this was not enough. She needed to feel her father’s love.

As she danced her heart would call out, “please see me, please love me.”

This past life review greatly impacted Alison. In reflection she could see where the need to be seen and loved was showing up in her life. Her feelings of rejection and unworthiness, her pain when her love was not reciprocated started to make sense. 

At that point, rather than take her to a place of “you are seen and you are loved”, which would be a band-aid approach to processing her karma, we journeyed into the pain of “I want to be seen and I want to feel loved.” Instead of attaching a story to the pain or coaching her through describing it, we honoured her pain while trusting her soul to take her into the depths of it.  

When she reached the height of her source pain she softened into it. It was in the softening process that she felt the essence of her soul and a sense of presence and at-one-ment.



The Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness contained within your energetic body. Encoded within this dimension of consciousness are the vibrational archives of your soul’s journey.

Every thought, action and feeling pertaining to this life; including past lives and the potential of future possibilities, is contained within your Records.

With respect to your current incarnation, the Records contain your soul’s route map or blueprint. Prior to entering this incarnation agreements have been made pertaining to your soul journey towards enlightenment. These agreements are a significant guiding force within your life. Every soul embarks on its own unique pathway of ascension, and the Records are a place where you can derive understanding and direction on your sacred journey.

The Records always meet you where you are. There is no judgment within the Records and often clients experience a heightened sense of peace and well-being during a session. For some this may be accompanied by a dramatic sense of “coming home”.



Your Akashic Records hold key information to support you on your life path. Through scheduling a session you will have the opportunity to connect with the guidance that is here to support you.

You came into this life destined to experience the magnificence and perfection of your soul. The wisdom, guidance and healing energies contained within the Records will support you to connect with your higher self and towards flowing as one with your soul. 

My initial expectation was that my session with Sandra was going to be coaching with a “woo-woo” twist, which was something I was curious about. I arrived without an agenda and the feeling of being “blocked”. Sandra is so easy to talk with. I was immediately at ease and we got into the core of my issue quickly. Her intuition is spot on, in fact, I’d call the experience a spiritual wake-up. I left with the knowledge that I was the person who was responsible for my own success, and my actions would dictate this. Taking the advice to heart I crawled out of my shell/rut and DID differently. I spoke about my passion at a corporate health fair and actually enjoyed getting back out there. In the hour it took to get home I had six new appointments for the upcoming week. You want proof of concept - there it is. Thank you Sandra!
— Scott Livingstone, Registered Acupuncturist,