Supporting Awakening Souls on the Path of Self-Realization

About Sandra Moore

The first 43 years of my life I lived in darkness, immersed within the prison of my mind. With little faith and no sense of interconnectedness to anything beyond my ego, I navigated life habituated by society and the lifetimes of conditioning deep within my bones. There were nudges and openings along the way where I experienced a sense of awakening, but the conditioning was strong and quickly returned me to an unconsciousness state.

I remember clearly the day I “woke up” from unconscious dreaming.

 A flow of energy moved through my body as I connected with words contained within the book The Celestial Prophecy. Initially my pre-awakening was gentle. Then in 2008 without any intention or motivation on my part, I was propelled forward and forever changed through a partial Kundalini activation that spontaneously opened my upper chakras. As a result, my intuitive body released like a flood-gate, and I immediately embodied the gifts of seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing, along with the gift of speaking Light Language, which is a transmission of universal sound codes received through the heart. I had fully awakened.

The next 12 months were enlightening but also very challenging as I learned to embrace and continuously refine my gifts. I trained as a Healing Touch Practitioner, participated in numerous spiritual workshops, and worked one-to-one with a spiritual mentor.  

I slowly started to leave my old life behind.

I am always evolving and being propelled into greater expansion and awareness. In 2010 my realignment took the form of resigning from my secure position in management while simultaneously leaving my 25-year marriage and much of my material possessions . Drawing on a courage I didn’t know I had, I embarked on a sacred walkabout, a profound inner journey where I traveled solo and lived abroad for 18 months.

The next stage of my ascension took place directly on the heels of my walkabout. It marked a period of metamorphosis, also known as the dark night of the soul.

I was repeatedly brought to my knees as I experienced the death of parts of my ego, continual rebirth, and the challenges that comes with confronting one’s karma.

Starting before I was ready was not an option. I have committed the last six years to the intensity of walking my path of self-realization. My consciousness has expanded through surrendering to the governance of my soul, and my mind and body have united with my heart, allowing me to live from my soul.

I have transitioned and transformed through the initial expansions of consciousness to assume my role as a spiritual catalyst. I have incarnated into this life holding an energetic frequency that accelerates and activates change.

I lead from my heart, lighting a beacon for you to find your truth within.

Each session with you combines my highly developed intuitive abilities, professional life coaching skills and the wisdom of my soul. I highlight your blindspots, and together we create a feedback loop, a powerful conversation that facilitates your journey of self-discovery and self-expression. 

Sandra is an amazing intuitive who leads with an open heart. Her kindness, courage and vulnerability has inspired and empowered me in many areas of my life, including relationships and career. Sandra exudes a wonderful combination of warmth and strength. One of her gifts is the ability to support people as they go deep within to merge with their authentic self. Sandra’s divine intuitive wisdom coupled with her keen coaching skills has helped me move from a place of doubt and confusion to one of clarity and confidence. Through our work together, I have developed a deeper trust with my own inner guidance.
— Julie Singer, Speaker + Coach |
Working with Sandra is like having a direct connection to the Universe. Her ability to access higher guidance is outstanding. Sandra’s approach is heart- centered, exploratory, and incredibly intuitive. If you have the desire to be seen by someone who has an amazing commitment to your evolution, Sandra is that person.
— Dr. Richard Kaye |