What is Light Language?

My awakening to Light Language.

Light Language was awakened in me during an energy session in 2008 with a beautiful and gifted healer. As she toned sound resonance into each of my chakras I could feel a sense of expansion in my heart and throat chakras, accompanied by a strong pull to join her in toning.

As we toned together the energy in my body escalated to the point where I could not suppress it. Surrendering to what needed to be expressed from me, I allowed the flow of energy to move through my voice.

What emerged from me was a language I had never spoken before, and it was accompanied by a heart opening that was new and profound.

I felt like I had come home to a place long forgotten.

A place so full of love I could not contain it in my body. I was remembering a part of myself that I had separated from, and the sweet reunion brought me to tears.

Light Language is the language of Creation

It is the physical expression of sacred geometry, the blueprint of Creation and the origin of all form. Light Language allows me to connect directly with Unity Consciousness without interference from my mind.

You are a multidimensional being with many levels of soul expression. The ongoing restoration process of your spirit light-body, the part of you that unites your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being, is essential to your ascension. This transformation requires a rewiring and reprogramming of your DNA.

Light Language is a vibrational tool that assists your restoration and transformation. 

A powerful healing modality containing transformational creation codes, Light Language facilitates connection to your soul through speaking directly to your heart.

All Light Languages are powerfully healing.

The sounds connect to and bring forth vast amounts of energy, amplifying the intent to move into an increased vibrational frequency. The language is often associated with removing old, deep dulling energy systems and intrusions in the field such as entity attachments. 

Light Language is not rooted in the third dimension where human language was developed.  Instead, it can be powerfully shamanic in feel, resembling very old and ancient language, coming from other aspects of self in other realms of place and time. It speaks individually to each person, and effectively becomes the wisdom unfolding from within you. 

The Light Language that Sandra speaks comes through as a transmission of presence; powerful, resonant, meaningful and soul-stirring, it’s a gift to the heart. The message heard cannot be understood by the mind, it is felt by the heart and throughout the body. The emotional upwelling that I experienced and the gift that came through for me began to resonate on a deep, understanding level the next morning. I awoke somehow having cleared unknown debris that I had been dragging around for some time. I felt clearer, more on purpose and ready for my next step to be shown to me, no matter what that looked like. Sandra is a kind and empathic bearer of Light in an ever darkening world. If you are looking for a soft place to fall in your journey of surrender, Sandra is a bridge to bring you closer to your next step.
— Jan Bettinson, www.adogslife.training
I am thankful for meeting Sandra on my curious path to raising the frequency of my life and my consciousness. I feel honoured to have experienced the power of her presence and the power of Light Language. During the Light Language activation I was drawn into the shamanic and harmonic texture of her song. The mystery of tones and Arabic like sounds, spiralling into the vortex of light and timeless expression of love, put me in a state of quiet admiration, gratitude and lightness. I felt great joy and excitement being taken into a higher state of awareness and opening to the light of my soul. Thank you Sandra for enhancing my experience of the Universe in me.
— Ania Gelbert