Awakening - It’s just the beginning of your soul journey.

Sandra Moore Intuitive Soul Coach and Spiritual Mentor

A guide can help you navigate your spiritual path.

My name is Sandra Moore. As an Intuitive Soul Coach and Spiritual Mentor, I act as a bridge in support of evolving souls. Having moved through my own spiritual awakening and the realignment and metamorphosis that followed, I know firsthand how to confront and dissolve illusionary thinking while inspiring profound change. I understand the peaks, valleys and plateaus of the life journey. And I know what it feels like; to want to give up in defeat, to experience intense frustration in the ebb, and to touch pure presence within the soul.

We live during a time of rising consciousness.

People worldwide are awakening and realizing that life serves only one purpose; to restore them from the darkness of separation and return them to their inherent true nature, flowing as one with their soul.  

To live from the fullness of soul is to be in an inner spaciousness, where all senses are heightened and conscious awareness expands. Mind-led thoughts and chatter diminish, allowing for soul expression to arise. The inner compass leads, and a new way of being emerges.

You are meant for something more.

Simply surviving in an old paradigm of roles and identities, burdened by the conditioning of society, no longer serves you. You are a divine expression of Unity Consciousness, a consciousness that connects all life forms, and that is continually drawing you back to oneness. Your soul constantly desires new opportunities for growth and expansion, and to express its creative energy and sacred offerings.

 As you transition into a new way of being, you are invited to deepen into more authentic self-inquiry: Who am I and why am I really here? What is my true path? What is my soul purpose – the purpose encoded deep within my being? What is the karma I am to confront and dissolve in this lifetime?

Awakening. It feels like coming home.

Quite possibly you have experienced your own spiritual awakening, and a reconnection with your soul that feels like coming home. You sense an interconnectedness with all of life that you never experienced before. You feel the radiance of life, accompanied by feelings of peace, joy and compassion. The Observer in you emerges as you begin to witness your thoughts, actions, and how you interact with other people.

As this connection deepens, the grace of your soul continuously invites you inward on your own unique journey.

There is a route map for your journey.

Regardless of where you are on your path, a deeper invitation is always being presented to align you with your soul’s compass. Following the route map of your soul towards self-realization is no easy task. Struggles and pitfalls are a natural part of the process. 

Your journey to enlightenment will travel through five key expansions of consciousness, and your soul will take you into all the places where you get stuck in the illusion of separation, and where you identify with your shadow identities.

At times you will be brought to your knees.

You will enter the depths of your karma and the attachments that have been formed by your soul.  Karma forms in past lives as a result of your thoughts, feelings and actions. When trauma and intense suffering occur, the soul becomes attached to the experience and holds that energy in the energetic body. As part of the ascension process, which is your path towards enlightenment, your karma must be confronted and dissolved. At times this will feel like you are struggling to stay afloat in a savage sea, where you are continuously crashing against the rocks. Waves of emotions related to your karma can feel intense and leave you exhausted. You have to venture into your emotions to break through them. The key to liberation is in how you process through them. 

You are most likely stuck in a karmic loop where you identify and attach to false beliefs and illusionary thinking. It is easy to become trapped in a false light and love bubble, believing that the spiritual journey is only about joy, gratitude and love.

Regardless of where you are on your path, trust that you are moving in the right direction. My role is to help you navigate your route map authentically, and from a place of conscious awareness. Transitioning from mind based existence to living from your soul is a great accomplished. It's a journey that requires courage, commitment, and a willingness to let go and surrender like never before.  

I offer my skills in service to your unfolding.

Using my intuitive abilities of seeing, hearing, feeling and direct knowing combined with professional life coaching skills, I help you make sense of what is really happening in your life, and how to accelerate your next evolutionary step.

I do this through aligning with your Akashic Records, the vibrational archives of your soul’s journey. I also connect with Benevolent Guidance, the stream of universal consciousness that is acting on your highest behalf. Together we connect with your Higher Self, that which holds the template of your greatest potential.

My approach is that of power with not power over. Providing intuitive answers disempowers you. Asking intuitive questions allows you to embark on your journey of self-discovery, where you maintain responsibility, commitment, and reliance to yourself. 

It is my heart-felt passion to support you in reconnecting with your authentic nature, peeling away the veils of false beliefs in order to recognize and express your unique magnificence of being.

Your next bold step forward leads the way.

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When I work with Sandra my sense of her connection to spirit is strong, solid and unshakable. I feel trust and comfort in her intuitive abilities and expansive coaching skills. The value for me is that I get customized and loving spiritual guidance and support. Instead of information being handed over to me, Sandra works with benevolence to have me lock in the insight and learning, to really GET what it is I need to walk away with to keep me moving forward and to get ‘unstuck’. As I’m stepping into new and uncertain territory in my life, Sandra allows me to feel witnessed, loved, guided and acknowledged along the way. I come away feeling empowered and supported in a deeply spiritual way as I continue to awaken. Working with her has shifted my perspective on so many things, and opened doors I never knew existed. I’m forever grateful for the powerful work she is bringing to the world.
— Keri-Anne Livingstone, Coach + Speaker |
Sandra’s intuitive and inspirational guidance has been instrumental in bringing forth my calm and connected self, allowing for clarity of thought and peacefulness of mind when my journey becomes challenging. Discussions with Sandra always unlock the answers that were within all along.
— Patricia Byrne Carlos, Pharmaceutical Research